Museum 2030

Date and time
23 September — Sunday
Fort Mokotów

Museum 2030

What will the museum of the future look like? Will there be room for physical exhibits, or will everything be transferred to the virtual world? Who will create the exhibits of the future?

The year 2007, which brought the first iPhone model, redefined the way we interact with our telephones, democratising access to and distribution of content and media.

Following this line, during the workshop we will think together about how other breakthrough technologies of tomorrow, such as Brain Computer Interfaces, Smart Dust, Machine Learning and 4D printing can affect the museum experience.

Will artists be supported by artificial intelligence? Who will the visitor of the future be? What will their expectations be for exhibits, and how will they want to experience them?

Through our speculations we will attempt to create alternatives for museums as we know them today.

We won’t be engaging only with the future we expect; we’ll also examine dystopian scenarios that may come to pass if we don’t begin to think critically about the role of new technologies in society.

The outcome of the workshop will be the creation by participants of prototypes for museum solutions of the future: tangible items illustrating the concepts developed for the museum of tomorrow.

The workshop will be conducted in two parts:

• A theoretical part, during which we will analyse the history of museum institutions – this will allow us to delineate their current level of development and potential directions for which we will create the solutions of the future. We will also analyse the latest trends and emerging technologies and look for real applications for them. • A practical part, where we will break into groups and develop prototypes for the concepts we’ve developed.


Preferred participants

• we encourage both people connected with the sector and laypeople to participate; we want the greatest possible diversity, and perspectives from various areas • the practical part of the session will be conducted in interdisciplinary groups

Other requirements:

• participants who aren’t afraid of soldering irons and glue guns, but it’s enough just to be able to use scissors and adhesive tape

Key conclusions after the workshop

• You’ll learn what elements make up the sum of the museum experience and how they can be designed, and why we should approach this process more deliberately. • You’ll learn how to analyse the stages of advancement of the latest technologies, which are contributing to the transformation of users’ expectations for museums. • You’ll be inspired by the latest trends and tendencies, which will allow you to better understand what changes are emerging in the expectations of typical museum-goers.

Number of participants:


The workshop will be conducted by: Joanna Skorupska and Platige Image.

⟿ The organiser will accept participants based on the application form; space is limited. The chronological order of applications is not binding. Participation does not require accreditation or a Digital Cultures carnet. The workshop is free of charge.