Capturing Powerful Interviews in Audio

Date and time
23 September — Sunday
IAM: Cela Konrada Hall

Capturing Powerful Interviews in Audio

The most important ingredient of any radio documentary or podcast is usually the interview. In this one-day workshop, we’ll learn how to get the best from interviewees and capture intimate, honest and downright sparkling audio moments. We’ll cover:

→ Recording technique using a Zoom H4N

→ Selection of interviewees

→ Approaching interviewees

→ Coming up with questions

→ Creating the right atmosphere

→ Recording voxpops with members of the public

→ Getting the best from academics and experts

This will be a playful, hands-on workshop, so come prepared to give new things a try.

Preferred applicants: Beginners welcome, but a familiarity with audio documentaries / podcasts would be useful. We're particularly keen to work with storytellers who are more interested in capturing something real than filling the world with more ‘content’.

After the workshop you will:

→ Have a grounding in basic recording technique using a Zoom H4N

→ Know how to best prepare yourself and your interviewee for a conversation

→ Have interviewed fellow course participants and members of the public

Attendees are expected to bring their own headphones. The rest of the necessary equipment will be rented for the time of the workshop on the account of those rules:

→ during the workshop, the attendees are responsible for the equipment → when distrubiting the equipment ID number and address will be noted

Number of participants: 10

⟿ The organiser will accept participants based on the application form; space is limited. The chronological order of applications is not binding. Participation does not require accreditation or a Digital Cultures carnet. The workshop is free of charge.

Cathy FitzGerald
Strange & Charmed