Nobody wants to fund culture? Nonsense!

Date and time
23 September — Sunday
French Institute

Nobody wants to fund culture? Nonsense!

You have a great idea for a cultural or media project. You know you’re going to conquer the world. There’s just one problem: money. Sound familiar? Good! That’s what this workshop is for. During the event, we’ll deal with four myths about ways of finding funds for your ideas:

● Crowdfunding: Nobody contributes, and anyway I’m scared of it

● Sponsoring: You have to sell your soul, and anyway it’s not right to slap logos on your work

● Grants: I wrote an application once; the idea was great but nobody understood it

● Sales: I’m not a salesperson, I’m an artist!

Goal: After this workshop, you will:

  • understand the pluses and minuses of each of these financing models,
  • be able to select a model depending on the project and your needs
  • know where to look for information about grants
  • know the basics needed to create a good crowdfunding campaign
  • know how to select business partners to work with
  • be familiar with both good and bad examples of projects,
  • have a feeling for whether what you do can be a product – one that can be sold.

Workshop plan:


Invited guests will take part; each is a specialist in a particular model of financing and tell us about various campaigns and projects that were carried out this way. You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with them and ask questions.

  • We’ll go through the pluses and minuses of each financing model.
  • We’ll do it on the basis of real-life examples...
  • ...showing both their positive and their negative sides


We’ll discuss how best to prepare for and use each of the models.

● Crowdfunding: as a tool not only for getting funds, but also promotion, building a community and distribution of ideas,

● Sponsoring: preparing a project presentation, contacting brands, preparing the process, criteria for choosing partners,

● Grants: analysis of the available budget and judging whether it’s sustainable, preparing and writing applications , what to ask the grantor

● Sales: How to decide whether an idea can be a product


  • Everybody’s favourite: group exercises :)

Number of participants: 30 Time: 12-3 pm Language: Polish

The organiser will accept participants based on the application form; space is limited. The chronological order of applications is not binding. Participation does not require accreditation or a Digital Cultures carnet. The workshop is free of charge.

Jakub Górnicki