Centre in Motion

Iza Szostak

Dancer, choreographer, a graduate of Ballet School in Warsaw and Codarts/Rotterdam Dance Academy in Holland. She had an apprenticeship at the Jan Fabre/Troubleyn teaching group in Belgium. She is the author of the following performances: “RE//MIX- Merce Cunningham”, “Body. Child. Object”, “Europa. Śledztwo”, “Balet koparyczny”, “National Affairs”. “PRIV”, among others. Szostak is interested in the perspective of new minimalism that gives us tools to perceive matter as something active and as a driving force. She creates choreography on the basis of communication systems between a body and an object. The artist processes pictures from visual art, film, anthropological research and her own biography. She uses choreography as an instrument to create a new order. She co-creates the Warsaw collective Centre in Motion.